The sixth edition of the ISSF’s architectural brochure again contains detailed case studies and eye-catching photographs

Stainless steel in architecture

The International Stainless Steel Forum (ISSF) has published the sixth edition of their architectural bro-chures, entitled ‘Stainless Steel in Architectural Applications’.
^ The sixth edition of the ISSF’s architectural brochure again contains detailed case studies and eye-catching photographs

Author by David Sear


This latest edition of the ISSF’s architectural brochure is yet another gem in the series. The 132 pages feature some stunning applications of stainless steels, classified into sections such as art, business, culture & history, education, mobility & infrastructure, sports & lei-sure, renovation, residence and shop-ping. These reports all demonstrate the incredible versatility and beauty of stainless steels.

In his foreword, the ISSF’s Secretary-General, John Rowe, comments as follows: “this brochure started its life as an attempt to highlight some selected success stories where stainless steel had been used in architectural applications, in order to inspire to others to enter this exciting market. The brochure has grown in size and quality exponentially as the architects of the world have increasingly taken interest in the potential of stainless steel for their design work.”

“In many ways this has been a tribute to the excellent Education Course for Architectural Students which was developed internally for the ISSF by Bernard Héritier, who worked very closely with a panel of professors of architecture and design. This course has helped to boost the knowledge of stainless steel among graduating architects. But the brochure also acts as a catalyst to provide inspiration to those who may not yet have tried using stainless steel, or who may have tried it before and have now been encouraged to come back,” he continues.

Without doubt the ISSF’s message has spread far and wide, as the architectural brochure includes wonderful case histories from the United Kingdom, the USA, Japan, Maldives, France, Mongolia, New Zealand, China, Czech Republic, Australia, Germany, Switzerland, Canada, Mexico, Malta and Thailand. Each report contains highly readable information about the specific project, as well as notes on the type of material used, the architect, the fabricator, the location, etc. Mr. Rowe therefore rightly also pays tribute to the people who have contributed to this particular volume. “My thanks go to our Fellow from Nisshin, Naoki Yasuda, who has worked so hard to collect the contributions for this issue and to obtain the necessary permission to reprint the material; to Jo Claes, our Administration and Communications Manager, who ensures that deadlines are met and is responsible for the excellent design of these pages; to our members who work so hard to find unusual and informative examples and to submit the details to us; and, finally, to the architects, designers and photographers, who so willingly gave their permission for us to reproduce their work in these pages.”

More than a building

Reflecting on the advance of stainless steels in architecture, Mr. Rowe comments as follows: “for me, the milestone achievement over the years since the Millennium has been the amazing growth of the development of stainless steel as an ‘art meets function’ tool in the architectural sector. Our Architectural Brochures series will reveal immediately how the architect, as artist, has used stainless steel creatively to design something which is more than a building, more than a sculpture or more than a structure. And the best thing is that whilst creating a thing of beauty, the designer is adding to the sustainability of our world, because the stainless steel he uses is capable of being 100% recycled when it comes to the end of its useful life, thus adding immeasurably to the value of life on earth.”

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