Trilux signs a partnership with Carl Stahl ARC

04 May 2021

The X-LED series from Carl Stahl ARC is a high-quality LED lighting system. This can be attached to the facade, but it is also ideal for light ceilings, light sculptures, and many other applications. This makes it possible to implement accent lighting that specifically highlights individual areas of a building. In addition, this system allows high resolution and individual control of the light points. In this way, lettering and images can be designed with X-LED. Therefore it is ideal for the design of a media facade. For the implementation, Carl Stahl ARC has entered into a partnership with the company Trilux. 

Carl Stahl ARC takes care of the stainless steel support systems. Trilux takes over the lighting. In this way, every company works precisely in its specialty. This can be seen in the outstanding quality of the X-LED lighting system. The new shore power system received an X-LED media facade, which not only conveys important information to the visitors, but also shapes the cityscape at night.