Global molybdenum production rises & usage falls: IMOA

30 April 2021

Global production of molybdenum rose by 5% in 2020 to 602.4 million pounds from 575.4 million pounds in 2019, figures released by the International Molybdenum Association (IMOA) show. Global usage was 545.9 million pounds in 2020, a fall of 5% from 576.3 million pounds the previous year. 

South America to become the largest producer of molybdenum at 198.9 million pounds, up 6% from 187.2 million pounds in 2019. While China, at 195.0 million pounds, was the only region to see a fall in production in 2020, down 5% from 205.6 million pounds the previous year. North America produced 153.7 million pounds, an 8% rise from 141.8 million pounds in 2019. Production in other regions saw the biggest percentage increase, up 34% to 54.8 million pounds from 40.8 million pounds the previous year.

China was the only region to see an increase in use in 2020, up 6% to 234.6 million pounds from 220.9 million pounds the previous year. Europe remained the second largest user of molybdenum at 116.9 million pounds but this represented a 13% decrease from 135.1 million pounds in 2019. Other regions saw the smallest drop in usage of 5% to 84.0 million pounds from 88.0 million pounds when compared to the previous year.