Yuanda chose Bauporte Doors to support the façade

29 April 2021

Yuanda chose Bauporte Doors UK Ltd to undertake full design, manufacture, and installation of its requirements. Bauporte developed a very strong stainless steel framework construction around the door, to support the façade. 

With the design from Bauporte Doors became an integral structural of the Yuanda façade. Yuanda’s client Barratt was creating its new office at Wallis house, Brentford and was looking on the market for a stunning main entrance, which should work effortlessly. Bauporte offered its high level of quality and design and installed two sets of FV double swing doors Model BDD2 1A.

Behind these doors, a very rigid structure was created with an “Overload” driven double wing Elegance Sliding door B502. The unique combination here is the stability of their entrances in combination with the unique transparent design and underfloor hidden operators.

Bauporte certainly pushed the boundary again on this project. The performance of Bauporte and the quality of the doors for Yuanda have made them decide easy to work together on a further four projects in London.