Paris launches architectural metal fabric category

27 April 2021

Paris, the City of Lights, launched the architectural metal fabric category, so it is fitting that the material also helps architects meet healthy lighting requirements outlined by several global sustainability programs. The woven material helps boost daylighting conditions, affording sunlight exposure and views to the outside. 

Architectural mesh has also proven adept at modulating glare and solar heat gain passing through fenestrations and glazing. Metal mesh used as a building’s exterior shading reduces cooling loads on the HVAC system and energy consumption, which can dramatically impact energy savings and operating costs.

With current health and safety precautions encouraging socially distanced, outdoor activities, architects are exploring sunshades, overhangs, and other structures to shade and define exterior spaces. Metal fabric is ideal for demarcating naturally ventilated, auxiliary amenities which safely connect people and nature. It offers a flexible design solution that can adapt to location, exposure to sun, moisture, and other elements. Architects may choose from multiple aesthetics and customization options using the wide variety of finishes, weaves, and metal alloys available.