Smith Metal’s 3D Binder-jet Metal Printing for MIM

23 February 2021

Smith Metal Products adds quick-turn 3D Binder-Jet Metal Printing parts for customers to evaluate and verify their product run utilizing a MIM-like process without the cost of building a test mold. 

Smith Metal’s new 3D Binder Jet Metal Printing capability is designed to support a customer’s research and development efforts with a bridge to MIM molded parts. This new capability is especially desirable for reducing time-to-market developmental programs. In addition to not requiring time-consuming and expensive mold building to evaluate MIM parts, the new process can eliminate and/or significantly shorten lead time from R&D into full volume production.

Available part materials for this new prototype capability include all those available in Smith Metals standard MIM offering. These include low-alloyed steels, stainless steel, most ferrous metals and titanium.