MEPAX Press: Kennametal unveils FBG for KenTIP FS

14 September 2020

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Kennametal Introduces Flat Bottom Geometry for KenTIP FS New replaceable drill tip saves tooling costs and eliminates process steps Kennametal has expanded its replaceable drill offering for KenTIP FS modular drill series with the new FEG insert for flat bottom hole applications. Applicable in steel, cast iron, and stainless steels, the FEG insert eliminates end milling operations and completes a task in a single operation, saving time and tooling costs.

Leveraging the success of its KenTIP FS modular drill, Kennametal has developed a unique insert geometry (FEG) that streamlines many of these types of applications and simplifies the drilling of counterbores and pilot holes as well.

The newest member of the KenTIP FS family, the FEG insert eliminates the need for drilling and end milling flat bottom holes, instead completing the part in a single operation.