Development of China’s marine stainless steel: Naifen

10 September 2020

Tan Naifen, Deputy Secretary-General and Director of the Statistical Information Department of China Shipbuilding Industry Association, introduced the application and development status of China’s marine stainless steel at the Stainless Steel Online Lecture and Last Online Metal Week hosted by the Stainless Steel Branch of the China Special Steel Enterprise Association. 

The stainless steel ship is the ship with high technical content and high added value recognized by the world shipbuilding industry. Due to its unique advantages such as excellent corrosion resistance, good mechanical properties, and good toughness in ultra-low temperature environments, it can be used in extreme service environments such as different media and different temperatures. Various duplex stainless steel chemical tankers, liquefied natural gas tankers, and giant tankers (VLCC) containing cutting-edge manufacturing technologies have been built and launched one after another, accelerating China The "climbing" pace of the shipbuilding industry in cutting-edge fields has also created a new situation for the high-quality development of China's shipbuilding industry.