Doosan secures 360bn won contracts for Gimpo CHP plant

02 July 2020

Doosan announced that it had signed dual contracts with Korea Western Power Co. for the power block installation and plant construction work required at the Gimpo CHP plant. The contracts are valued to be about 360bn won in total. Doosan recently won these contracts following after the gas turbine supplier agreement that it had signed with Korea Western Power Co. last year. 

The power block refers to the electricity-generating section and is comprised of the power plant’s main components, such as the turbine and generator. The power block contract that Doosan won is valued to be about 230bn won and involves Doosan supplying and installing the components that form a power block, such as the steam turbine, generator and heat recovery steam generator (HRSG). The contract for the plant construction work, which involves installing components like the transmission lines and industrial water treatment systems for the power plant, is valued to be approximately 130bn won.

The Gimpo CHP Plant, which is located in Gimpo’s Yangchon-eup in the Gyeonggi Province, is scheduled to be built by H1 of 2023.