Cimtas Pipe provides IPS for the SOCAR STAR Refinery

10 February 2020

After the Cimtas Pipe’s successful deliveries in 2018, which consist of butt weld fittings, flanges, branch connections, pipes and tubes used for the STAR Refinery, located in İzmir, Turkey, Cimtas Pipe and SOCAR Turkey will now continue their cooperation with the STAR Refinery’s COR-72 and IFOP Projects.

Within the scope of Integrated Piping Solutions (IPS) for the STAR Refinery’s COR-72 and IFOP Projects, Cimtas Pipe has been awarded by SOCAR Turkey for LSAW pipe and fitting manufacturing in addition to pipe spool fabrication.

The manufacturing of the LSAW pipes and fittings were completed at the end of 2019 at the Cimtas Pipe (CP) LSAW Pipe and Fitting Works within the scope of the COR-72 Project. In addition to this, the pipe spools will be fabricated at CP Spool Works and delivered to the project site until the end of May 2020 to be installed by ENKA.

With the IPS which is the pioneering approach of Cimtas Boru, STAR Refinery’s piping systems, including material supply, will be delivered to the site from a single location in a short time and quality rather than the average time of the sector.