Acerinox plans the demand by ‘360° Planning Project’

13 January 2020

Acerinox will plan demand in an adjusted way, thanks to the Oracle Demand Planning Cloud solution, which will add a competitive advantage when it comes to making the corresponding decisions throughout the supply chain, aligning itself to the behavior of the market in real time. The solution incorporates statistical algorithms that generate a precise forecast for each customer and makes it possible to plan the demand for each type of product, for each of the regions, for each of the customers and for each of the channels. All this leads to a reduction in stocks while guaranteeing supply. 

With this strategic transformation plan and relying on Oracle Cloud technology, Acerinox is taking a very significant step in its innovation programs, improving its competitiveness.

Acerinox's objective is to make a profound change in its supply chain processes in a 5-year strategic plan. This transformation pursues both cost savings, by reducing inventories, and improving the level of service to its customers.