ExOne announces an exclusive new CleanFuse binder

03 December 2019

The ExOne Company (XONE) recently announced a new clean-burning metal binder, CleanFuse, that will enable future binder jet 3D printing of premium metals such as aluminum and titanium, which are sensitive to carbon residue left behind by other binding agents during sintering. The patent-pending formula will be available in the Q1 of 2020.

While ExOne systems already binder jet more than six qualified metals, including the popular stainless steels 316L, 304L and 17-4PH, a clean-burning binder is a key step in the development of binder jet 3D printing for some other high-demand metals, as well as some ceramics.

CleanFuse will be part of the newly branded ExOne Fuse line of binders a change that reflects the growing importance of ExOne’s binder chemistries in delivering exceptional 3D printed cores, molds, tooling, and final end-use parts.

ExOne’s family of Fuse binders for metal and ceramic 3D printers now includes CleanFuse; AquaFuse; FluidFuse; and PhenolFuse.