NIMAK supplies manual welding guns for Russia

02 December 2019

Mercedes-Benz also relies on resistance welding technology from NIMAK at its new plant in Russia. NIMAK supplies manual welding guns for the required spot welds.

These will be used in the production of E-Class sedans and, in the future, SUV models as well.

NIMAK has already supplied manual welding guns to various Mercedes-Benz plants around the world. This is also a major reason for the order from Russia.

Currently, new tenders are in progress for various Mercedes Benz production sites. With its manual welding guns, NIMAK also considers itself well prepared for follow-up orders. Numerous users have confirmed their quality handling with an ergonomic and weight-optimized design as well as their high degree of user-friendliness. In addition, the spot-welding guns are known for their long and low-maintenance service life as well as their high reliability in production thanks to their solid construction.

Even with large quantities and long production runs, the manual welding gun convinces its users with its consistently high level of quality. A modular system allows for the optimum adaptation of the gun to the welding task.