Titomic unveils additive manufactured Titanium rocket

29 November 2019

Titomic Limited, an Australian digital manufacturing solutions company, announced that recently it unveiled the additive manufactured Titanium part, a 5.5-meter long rocket at FormNext.

This 5.5mt long rocket was manufactured in just 27.6 hours using the TKF9000 system.

Titanium is a highly desirable material in aerospace and defense industries for its lightweight and high strength properties.

Titanium rockets made with TKF® are half the weight of stainless-steel rockets made with traditional manufacturing methods which allow for the rockets to have an increased payload mass and volume capability which opens new possibilities for more economic payload deliveries to space. TKF® allows very large seamless shapes to be produced, highlighting the advances of additive manufacturing not only bring improvements in productivity and affordability, but also surpass traditional manufacturing methods.