Hitachi High-Tech launches the OE750

22 November 2019

Hitachi High-Tech Analytical Science Corporation (Hitachi High-Tech Analytical Science), a Hitachi High-Technologies Corporation wholly-owned subsidiary engaged in the manufacture and sales of analysis and measuring instruments, launches the OE750 – a ground-breaking new optical emission spectrometer for verifying demanding metals specifications in foundries and metal production.

The new OE750 optical emission spectrometer offers a level of performance never previously seen in an analyzer in this class. It covers the entire spectrum of elements in metal and has some of the lowest detection limits possible. The result is an analyzer that has the capability of much more expensive instruments, bringing high-quality analysis within reach for the first time for many foundries and metals manufacturers.

This new OE750 analyzer has a very large wavelength range, meaning it can measure the entire range of elements within metals at ppm levels. This is essential for meeting current tight metals specifications and the analyzer can meet the requirements of the new ASTM E415 test method for carbon and low-alloy steel.