Precise bending under heavy loads with the CNC 220 HD

05 November 2019

With the CNC 220 HD, Schwarze-Robitec has now delivered a suitable solution to the Norwegian company Framo. The manufacturer of pump solutions for cargo offloading systems and oil and gas extraction processes now uses the reliable and highly robust tube and pipe bending machine for the fast and efficient production of custom-fit tube and pipe systems. Different tube geometries can be processed flexibly using the corresponding bending tools. All necessary tool changes can be carried out quickly and easily with a new system. This results in reduced refitting times and a boost in productivity.

For processing tubes and pipes with larger diameters and made of high-strength duplex steel, Schwarze-Robitec has now equipped Framo with a new CNC 220 HD: The tube and profile cold bending machine is designed for permanent use under heavy loads, as it has a particularly high level of rigidity. It is ideal for absorbing extreme bending forces and thus prevents the machine body from twisting. The powerful and low-noise machine from the Heavy Duty series from Schwarze-Robitec processes tubes made of various materials, such as steel, copper/nickel/iron alloy, and stainless steel.