ATI signs a long-term agreement with BWX technologies

01 November 2019

Allegheny Technologies Incorporated announced recently that it has signed a new long-term agreement with BWX Technologies, Inc. to supply materials used in the manufacture of naval nuclear reactor components. This agreement begins in 2019 with the supply of long lead-time materials and runs through mid-2026. ATI anticipates revenues totaling approximately USD600 M over the multi-year period.

ATI is a global manufacturer of technically advanced specialty materials and complex components. ATI revenue was USD4.1 B for the twelve-month period ended June 30, 2019. ATI is a market leader in manufacturing differentiated specialty alloys and forgings that require the unique manufacturing and precision machining capabilities and innovative new product development competence. ATI is a leader in producing powders for use in next-generation jet engine forgings and 3D-printed aerospace products.