ZKIN to supply stainless steel pipes for CPNUP

21 October 2019

ZK International Group Co., Ltd. (ZKIN), a designer, engineer, manufacturer, and supplier of patented high-performance stainless steel and carbon steel pipe products primarily used for water and gas supplies, announced that its wholly-owned subsidiary Zhejiang Zhengkang Industrial Co., Ltd. was amongst the five winning bidders to supply stainless steel pipes and fittings for Phase VI of Shenzhen's Community Pipeline Network Upgrade Program (CPNUP or the Program) managed by Shenzhen Water Group Co., Ltd. (Shenzhen Water Group). Twenty enterprises participated in the bidding of the Program that valued at RMB 138M (approximately USD 19.4M). Scoring the second-highest amongst the five selected suppliers, ZK International is expected to supply up to USD 5.8M worth of its high-performance stainless steel pipes and fittings for the Program that is set to benefit thousands of residents in 66 communities in Bao'An District of Shenzhen.