Stalatube: a supplier of stainless steel bus

17 October 2019

Stalatube is the service provider in stainless steel bus and coach body and chassis tubes and components. Its aim is not only to help customers create the world’s most light-weight bus body while maintaining impact safety but also to provide them the most sustainable solutions in the market. This can be achieved by ensuring sustainable material chains and environmentally-friendly production methods.

The key to increased sustainability lies in materials. It sources high-quality raw materials carefully with its European partners, making sure the whole material chain is transparent and ecological. 2/3 of the stainless steel used in the production comes from recycled materials. And of course, stainless steel itself is not only 100% recyclable but also non-toxic and with its high corrosion resistance practically maintenance-free.

STALA400F for stronger ferritics and STALA630D for stronger Lean Duplex enable the manufacturing of even lighter bus bodies, thanks to the material's yield strength of up to 630 MPa, together with its excellent elongation and energy absorption properties.

Additional environmental benefits from lighter bus bodies come from reduced fuel consumption and CO2 emissions as well as improved passenger capacity.