Stalatube opens new stainless steel processing facility

15 October 2019

Stalatube Oy of Lahti, Finland, has invested a total of EUR 20M in the past two years, of which EUR 7M has been invested in a production facility in Poland. With the Polish subsidiary and new production lines, the company will improve its competitiveness and significantly reduce delivery times, especially in the Central European market.

Centrally located in Poland at the intersection of motorways, the Polish production unit serves as a manufacturing facility for more labor-intensive processed tube and profile products for the global market. With this investment, Stalatube seeks to strengthen its position in the end-user field of stainless steel tube and profile products, in particular closer to European end-user customers. Stalatube’s largest export country in Europe is Germany, within 300 km of the Polish plant in Lodz.

The company has leased a new production facility of approximately 9,000 m2 for its operations, investing roughly EUR 7M in modern manufacturing technology during 2018 and 2019. The new high-tech plant is largely automated at all stages of the production process and meets stringent environmental criteria, safety and energy efficiency requirements.

The facility consists of two product lines: one for tube components and the other for welded tubes and profiles. With further investments to be made by 2020, the plant will also start producing ready-made welded structural solutions for selected end-user sectors.

The tube component production line uses structural steel tubes manufactured at the Lahti plant, processing them into end products for various industrial sectors, with the largest customer segment being the bus manufacturing industry. Component production consists of various types of processing steps, such as laser cutting and marking, tube bending, welding and various kitting and logistic services; if necessary, delivered all the way to the customer’s own production line.