Henkel’s Bonderite portfolio for metal coil industry

15 October 2019

Henkel continues to support its customers in the global metal coil industry with an extensive range of process solutions for lubrication, pickling, cleaning, pretreatment, passivation, and lamination. The latest product innovations are focused on next-generation alloys, hexachromium-free formulations, customized functional coatings and new range of rolling-oils for electrical-steel. Additionally, the company has further extended its team of market specialists for the metal coil industry.

The company’s Bonderite product portfolio for this demanding industry comprises a full range of specially formulated solutions to help customers optimize the cost-efficiency and sustainability of their manufacturing processes.

Henkel’s overall Bonderite portfolio of efficient, safe and sustainable solutions for the metal coil manufacturing chain includes cold rolling oils, for best lubrication performance; wet temper fluids; pickling inhibitors; cleaners; chromium-free products from surface preparation to functional coating; surface treatment agents; passivates; thin organic coatings; and adhesives.

Complementing the comprehensive product portfolio, Henkel also offers special equipment that is designed to ensure the best manufacturing practices in many coil process steps.

Bonderite is a registered trademark of Henkel and/or its affiliates in Germany and elsewhere.