AWI sees a 10% surge in orders for its specialist wire

11 October 2019

Alloy Wire International (AWI) has seen a 10% surge in orders for its specialist wire, which is being used within components for the sector and critical seals and springs found in many of the reactors.

The company is on course to hit £1m of sales for this industry for the first time in 73 years and the management team believes its ability to fulfill orders in three weeks is a big factor in this increase.

It also pointed to the way a lot of the nickel alloy wire in its range can be treated with a special process that can offer the critical performance required to operate in one of the most demanding business arenas in the world.

The firm’s Emergency Manufacturing Service, which involves wire being produced and delivered within a few days, has also been in high demand, up nearly 15% on the same period last year.

This underlines the fluctuating requests being placed on spring makers supplying into nuclear and the importance of being able to access material quickly to meet sudden spikes in usage.