Hilco sells Stainless Steel Grinding & Polishing Line

03 October 2019

Hilco Industrial, in partnership with National Machinery Exchange Inc., have announced the sale of a well-maintained Stainless Steel Coil Grinding & Polishing Line from Excelsior Steel Processing LTD. This offering is available for immediate sale and located in Middletown, Ohio.

The Herr-Voss/Hill-Acme Coil Grinding & Polishing Line, 62″ ×.165″ × 40,000-Lb. Coil-to-Coil, Wet-Type Top & Bottom is an outstanding opportunity for toll processors and steel producers to add capacity, operational efficiencies, and enhanced product offerings to their current production capabilities.

Since 1967, Excelsior Steel has set the benchmark in processing stainless steel. To meet these demands for Excelsior quality, the company's Middletown, Ohio facility was dedicated to providing the most popular AISI/ASM polished finishes No. 3 and No. 4. Their wet polishing process produced the cleanest uniform finishes. The multi-head coil finishing line allows for greater flexibility, including standard and enhanced back pass capabilities.