Seco Tools releases new Duratomic® TM grades

30 September 2019

Seco Tools has announced the release of three new grades specifically for stainless steel turning featuring the company’s latest Duratomic® generation and its Used-Edge Detection technology. The new TM grades TM1501, TM2501 and TM3501 secure operations and improve productivity in materials ranging from austenitic stainless steel to high-alloyed, super-duplex stainless steels.

TM1501 is designed for the highest level of speed, productivity and wear resistance in stable continuous cut applications for austenitic stainless steel components. TM2501 excels as a general grade that provides 2/2 long tool life and toughness across the widest application area. TM3501 also offers good performance across all stainless steel applications.

These three Duratomic® grades feature innovations based on world-leading coating chemistry developments adapted to manufacturers’ application needs. In addition to offering superior mechanical and thermal properties, this coating also provides the chrome-colored Used-Edge Detection technology, which makes every edge count and reduces potential waste.