PureWeldâ offers sustained pumping performance

10 September 2019

A recent study from Watson-Marlow Fluid Technology Group (WMFTG), demonstrates that PureWeldâ XL tubing offers extended lifespan and steady flow consistency when compared to other leading brands.

Continuous processing has the potential to significantly increase the efficiency of biologics manufacture, reducing production costs and the price of pharmaceuticals. In order to achieve this, all single-use components must be able to maintain integrity for extended production cycles of up to 90 days. Manufacturers must, therefore, consider the practical performance of every component when planning their production.

PureWeldâ XL tubing demonstrated significantly longer peristaltic life and sustained pumping performance when compared with the two other leading brands. Dr. Chris Palmer, Tubing Product Manager at WMFTG, will discuss the results at The Single Use Event and look deeper into the implications this has for drug manufacturers and process engineers in the future.