Efficient one-off production with PEMA WeldControl 300

02 September 2019

PEMA WeldControl 300 is one of the most advanced robot programming and welding systems available in the markets. Thanks to the three different software levels, OFFLINE, CREATE and SCAN, even programming one-off production can be completed rapidly without any manufacturing interruptions. 

PEMA WeldControl 300 OFFLINE (OLP) software is developed for 3D-CAD-based offline programming. Welder, user-friendliness, and efficiency in mind, the system has received a tremendous amount of good response also from the experienced offline-software users.

Contrary to OLP, in PEMA WeldControl 300 CREATE the measurements and features of the welded work-pieces are fed to the system in parametric form. Based on these given parameters, the system models the work-piece and generates the welds.

Thanks to the automatically generated welding paths, the programming speed of the welding robots can be completed incredibly fast.

Additionally, the CREATE programming system is suitable for automated programming of one-off products that are similar in type but may have some deviation.

Even more effective welding of heavy steel structures can be carried out with an advanced multi-passing function, which is available for both WeldControl 300 OFFLINE and CREATE systems.

In the spotlight of the PEMA WeldControl 300 product family is PEMA WeldControl 300 SCAN. The software is a tremendous aid for a welder: it is fast to program and easy to use. In order to run the production process, one interface needs only one operator and robots.

The software gives immediate feedback from welding which enables the welder to constantly develop not only his user experience but also his knowledge and know-how in robotized welding.