Odfjell names the world's largest chemical tankers

05 July 2019

A milestone is reached in Odfjell's history as we officially name our next generation of chemical tankers on July 1st, 2019. When the ships are delivered to our fleet, these vessels will be the world's largest stainless steel chemical tankers, taking us to a new level of capacity, efficiency, and eco-friendly operations.

Odfjell has undertaken a major fleet renewal program through measures such as pool cooperation, redelivery of older tonnage and chartering of new ships, and on July 1st, a historic marker for the most extensive project of them all: four new 49,000 dwt stainless steel chemical tankers, out of a total order of six vessels.

At any given time, Odfjell has a versatile fleet composed of about 80 chemical tankers trading around the world. These ships carry some 600 different chemicals and liquids which are used to produce a multitude of products we depend on in our everyday life; from phones and PC's to medicines, fabrics and cooking oil.