Alstom unveils the welding robot in the railway sector

12 April 2019

Alstom's Le Creusot site has unveiled the highest-capacity welding robot in the railway sector, developed and manufactured by its supplier Farman, a subsidiary of the Galilé group, which specializes in robotic installations.

The new Farman welding robot is a combination of three robots, custom-built in response to Alstom's specific needs. It automates welding operations for steel or stainless steel parts and the handling of bulky parts that can weigh up to a tonne and measure 5 m in length.

The new installation will also help improve working conditions by taking the strain in operations previously handled by workers and enabling them to gain new skills in robot programming and operation.

Following fine-tuning and operator training, the new Farman welding robot will be fully operational by the end of May.