Stainless steel tanks for milk & cheese milk storage

12 February 2019

Dairy company De Graafstroom has been working with passion for over 100 years processing milk into the tastiest cheese, including Goudse kaas, Maasdammer, etc. Every year, no less than 420 million liters of milk are processed to around 42 million kilos of cheese. Gpi has been a supplier to De Graafstroom for a long time. On the site of De Graafstroom there are several stainless steel tanks from Gpi.

In the market there is increasing demand for cheese from VLOG milk; milk from cows that receive animal feed without genetically modified ingredients. To be able to comply with this, De Graafstroom had to be able to store VLOG milk in addition to regular milk and meadow milk. That required an expansion of the milk storage capacity. In collaboration with technical service provider Kuijpers ProjectServe a large project was realized for which Gpi supplied three milk tanks with a capacity of 250 m3 and 300 m3.

De Graafstroom produces 25 different types of round cheese and various rectangular cheeses. The number of species continues to increase, and for each type of cheese the milk must be stored separately before it is further processed. With 25 types of cheese in your factory, you need a lot of cheese milk tanks. Gpi recently delivered a new cheese milk tank of 300 m3, an expansion that makes production planning a lot easier.

Raw milk tanks are insulated storage tanks for unprocessed raw milk. This is generally stored in large vertical tanks (silos) up to approximately 500m3. By means of side entry agitators, raw milk is kept in motion in order to prevent cream from forming. An angled bottom ensures good outflow. Gpi applies EHEDG design standards for a hygienic design. If required, purely EHEDG-certified components can be used.