More than an ordinary newspaper

The Stainless Steel World News is more than just an ordinary newspaper. We aim to provide the stainless steel industry with up-to-date market and trading news. Targeted at the global stainless steel and special metals community, Stainless Steel World News informs you about the latest market updates and company developments, industry events, products and projects worldwide.
  • 8 issues per year, 16 - 24 pages
  • Average circulation (subscription based)  6000 copies
  • Market and trading news for the stainless steel and special metals community
  • Topics include production and fabrication, inspection and repair, tubes, pipes and fittings, titanium, nickel alloys, duplex, supermartensitics, non-destructive testing
  • Focussing on the oil & gas, petrochemical, chemical, offshore, marine, power generation, pharmaceutical, food & beverage industries
  • ABC (Architecture, Building & Construction) section in every issue