The News in a nutshell

  • 10 issues per year, 16 – 24 pages
  • Average circulation (subscription based) 9.000 to 10.000
  • Market and trading news for the stainless steel and special metals community
  • Topics include production and fabrication, inspection and repair, tubes, pipes and fittings, titanium, nickel alloys, duplex, supermartensitics, non-destrutivetesting
  • Also focussing on the oil & gas, petrochemical, chemical, offshore, marine, power generation, pharmaceutical, food & beverage and industries
  • Supplements on buildings industries


  • Full colour, two colour, black/white – 1/1, ½, ¼ or 1/8 page A3
  • “Spotlight on”: As a marketing mix of an editorial feature and an advertising campaign, the “In the spotlight” company profile commands exceptional selling power. It includes one full page A3, full coloured editorial page, inclusive advertisement and up to a maximum of 300 copies for your distribution. The article will also be placed in the Cover Gallery on the Stainless Steel World for one year.
  • Reprints of advertisements and articles are possible. Rates on request.

Technical costs

Any production work caused by non-camera ready material and advertisement lithography will be recharged at cost.
A quotation will be send before production.


Costs of bound and loose inserts depend on weight and size and are based on ready to process delivery. Rates on application.

For more information concerning advertisements, subscriptions, press release, etc. please contact:

The Netherlands office:
Mrs. Elisa Hannan
Tel.: +31 575 585 291

German office:
Mrs. Nicole Nagel
Tel.: +49 2821 711 45 55

Canada office:

Mr. Andre Davanzo
Tel.: +1 416 361 7030      

China office:
Ms. Liu Zhi
Tel.: +862163519609 604
E-mail :
Editorial department / press release