Buehler introduces AbrasiMet™ XL Pro and AbrasiMet M

13 August 2019

With its new AbrasiMet™ XL Pro and AbrasiMet M cutters, Buehler, a manufacturer of instruments, consumables, and accessories for metallography and materials analysis, is introducing two new sectioning machines designed for time-saving and therefore cost-efficient sectioning of samples with outstanding, high-quality sectioning results.

AbrasiMet™ XL Pro is a durable, floor-standing automatic cutting machine providing high performance in harsh industrial environments. Its large cutting chamber and powerful 10 kW motor ensure repeatable sectioning with consistently high quality, even when dealing with very hard materials and/or large samples.

AbrasiMet M is a manually operated bench-top cutter designed for highly consistent cuts and high sample throughput, and, like AbrasiMet™ XL Pro, holds a position in its device class in terms of efficiency and power. A powerful 4 kW motor and ergonomic cutting arm provide for a smooth and efficient cutting motion.