Tekna launches spherical aluminum alloy powders for AM

16 November 2018

Tekna announced the market launch of new spherical aluminum alloy powders for additive manufacturing.

The production of these aluminum alloy powders is supported by the plasma atomization technology developed by Tekna, and whose effectiveness has been proven, with several hundred tons of powder produced to date. Tekna’s aluminum alloy powders are characterized by a superior quality that meets the standards of the aeronautics and automobile sectors. The powders have been tested and validated by more than 30 clients, who have positively confirmed compatibility with all 3D printers available on the market.

Beyond this industrial production, Tekna is also committed to the development of new aluminum alloy powders to improve the mechanical properties of the parts produced through additive manufacturing. These developments are being pursued in close partnership with renowned industry leaders.

“We are continuing to grow, and within this context we aim to significantly expand the range of materials that we are able to offer - aluminum alloys are only the first step in this process,” stated Rémy Pontone, Vice-President, Sales and Marketing.

“At Tekna, we guarantee our clients high-quality products that are always delivered on schedule at the best prices. Our aluminum alloy powders add to our repertoire of over 100 products and demonstrate Tekna’s commitment to meeting the ever-growing demands of the additive manufacturing industry,” added Tekna’s CEO, Luc Dionne.