OHL awarded EUR 16 M contract

09 January 2018

OHL has been awarded a contract at the largest underground copper deposit, El Teniente Mine, located in Santiago de Chile (Chile).

The project has been awarded by the CorporaciĆ³n Nacional del Cobre (Codelco). The contract includes the support service to be given to the operation and maintenance of the canal for the transport of slurry, tailings and industrial wastewater in the mine.

Under this contract, OHL is set to introduce new R&D&I technologies designed to improve the efficiency of the service of the mine. The drones will be used for observation, monitoring and inspection, and they will provide detailed information and control of all of the activities of the tailing canal. The scope of the work includes the efficient and timely ongoing maintenance, operational support and industrial washing of the equipment and installations in the various industrial wastewater, thickening and recirculation units, tailing process, hydrometallurgy process, support to maintenance service and Sewell process.

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