KERN - LIEBERS to install Expanite technology

10 October 2017

The German industrial supplier KERN-LIEBERS will install Expanite’s patented technology for surface hardening of stainless steel. Driven by demand from one of the world’s leading manufacturer of automotive fuel pumps, the installation will be carried out at KERN-LIEBERS’ facility in Taicang, China, and shall be operational by November 2017.

Schramberg Germany and Hilleröd Denmark, based on a license agreement between the two companies, KERN-LIEBERS will install equipment capable of executing Expanite processes in their Taicang facility. By this move, Expanite will be the first supplier of stainless steel surface hardening who can offer the same unique product in Asia, Europe and the US. Together, KERN-LIEBERS and Expanite will promote this technology to companies in the region.

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