Stainless Band making future investments

11 August 2017

Established in 2009, Stainless Band, a steel manufacturing company, operates 10 slitting lines, allowing it to produce material from 3mm to 700mm wide in-house, and in thicknesses from 0.1mm to 4mm. In the next three to four months a brand new 650mm wide, 0.4 to 4mm, slitting line will be commissioned.

The company also operates five updated edge dressing lines, allowing it to offer standard material with a maximum burr of 5mm of the material thickness, to bevelled edge used for spiral wound gasket production with 90° angles, to fully rounded edge and flat rolled edge.

Oscillating wound production facilities incorporate a brand new welding machine. Narrow width strip with oscillated wound coils as large as 1,000kg in the dimension range 0.40mm to 3.00mm, and 10mm to 80mm wide can be supplied.

Stainless Band’s bobbin wound material is used extensively in the gasket sealing industry. Bobbins can be up to 15kg, speed up the changeovers, and reduce scrap loss.

For temper rolling and flattening, a 2-high rolling mill is in operation, which can produce temper rolled strip in the gauge range 0.60mm to 2.0mm in widths from 2.50mm to 120mm.

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