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A natural mineral containing less than 30% iron and is the primary ore used in blast furnaces today. It is used because domestic supplies of iron-rich ores were largely depleted in the 1940’s and steel companies can process this lower grade mineral to make it useful.

Tailored Blanks

A section of sheet steel that is cut to the manufacturer’s desire. Excess steel is trimmed away to save transportation costs and is ready for the stamper to shape with a die press.

Tandem Mill

A cold-rolling mill that gives greater strength, a more uniform and smoother surface, and a reduced thickness to the steel sheet. This mill rolls steel through a series of rolls, to achieve a desired thickness and surface quality.

Tantalum (Ta)

A by-product of tin processing, this refractory metal is used as a barrier to corrosion of chemical processing and carbide cutting tools, and still-growing use as electronic capacitors and filaments. Melts at 2415 degrees Fahrenheit.

Titanium (Ti)

A very ductile and malleable white metal that is used in aviation, aerospace, etc. because of its high strength and light weight.

Titanium-based Superalloys

Lightweight, corrosive-resistant alloys suitable for high temperatures. These alloys are very practical for airplane parts. Titanium alloys can be blended with aluminium, iron, vanadium, silicon, cobalt, tantalum, zirconium, and manganese.


Unit of measure for steel scrap and iron ore.

Tool Steels

Hardened steels that are used in the manufacturing of tools and dies.


When referring to OCTG, tubing is a separate pipe used within the casing to conduct the oil or gas to the surface. Depending on conditions and well life, tubing may have to be replaced during the operational life of a well.

Tungsten (W)

Gray metal with high tensile strength. It is ductile, malleable, and resistant to atmospheric elements and all acids except strong alkalies.

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