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Levelling Line

A machine that smoothes any physical deficiencies in the sheet before it is shipped to the customer.

Life Cycle Costing

An accounting method of costing where expenses are allocated over the life of the product. Life cycle costs are often lower for stainless steel than for alternatives despite a higher initial outlay, because stainless products generally last longer and require little maintenance.

Light-Gauge Steel

A very thin sheet of steel that has either been temper rolled or passed through a cold reduction mill. This steel is usually plated with chrome or tin for use in food and beverage containers.

Line Pipe

A pipe extending over long distances that transports oil, natural gas, and other fluids.

Long (net) Ton

Long (net) Ton: 2,240 pounds.

Long Products

Category of steel that includes rods, bars, and structural products that are described as long rather than flat.

Low-Carbon Steel

Steel containing less than.3% carbon. This steel is ductile steel that can be stretched or rolled for automotive parts.

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