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Edge Rolling (Edge Conditioning)

To facilitate customer manipulation, strips of steel are rolled to smooth the edges and remove any burrs.

Electric Arc Furnace (EAF)

A steel producing furnace where scrap generally makes up 100% of the charge. Heat is supplied from electricity that arcs from the electrodes to the metal bath. These furnaces may operate on AC or DC.

Electric Resistance Welded (ERW) Pipe

Pipe made from strips of hot-rolled steel, which are passed through forming rolls and welded. ERW pipe technology is advancing and now consists of approximately 48% of OCTG shipments by tonnage.


A material’s loss of malleability due to chemical treatment or physical change.

Environmental Cracking

The cracking and corroding of a normally ductile material due to environmental conditions.


The continuous depletion of a material due to mechanical interaction with a liquid, a mulitcomponent fluid, or solid particles carried with the fluid.


An accelerated loss of material concerning corrosion and erosion that results from corrosive material interacting with the material.


A shaped piece of normally ferrous metal, produced by forcing the bloom, bar, or rod through a die of the appropriate shape.

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